C’ZON’s values match those of the professionals: fresh and tasty products all year round, of consistent quality, from certified and traceable producers, offering savings of time and a minimum of constraints.
C’ZON has therefore devoted a specific range of products to these demanding customers in the catering and restaurant industry: the C’ZON Food Service range, the fresh vegetable solution for professionals.

  • Bunch of spring onions

    Spring onions have a milder flavour than classic white onions and are generally eaten raw. Similar in flavour to shallots, they are used mainly as a seasoning ingredient but can also be lightly pan fried, which brings out all their delicious sweet flavour.
  • Food Service Chantenay carrots

    These baby carrots are absolutely delicious both raw and cooked! For presentation or simply as baby vegetables, they add colour and originality to your dishes.
  • Food Service fresh shelled garden peas

    These fresh garden peas are sweet, crisp, and a beautiful bright green colour. Ready-shelled, all you need to do is cook them!
  • Food Service trimmed green beans

    C’ZON green beans are fresh and crunchy, hand-picked when fully ripe (for the best flavour) and available throughout the year! For a real time saving they’re already trimmed: no need to prepare them in advance, simply rinse and cook!
  • Food Service trimmed snow peas

    C’ZON snow peas are fresh and available all year round: ensuring a high quality product throughout the year! But most importantly, our snow peas are already trimmed leading to a significant time saving in the kitchen.
  • Loose asparagus

    This green asparagus is fresh and available all year round! Their freshness offers an incomparable flavour and they are easy to incorporate into your menus, adding a little touch of luxury that makes all the difference.
  • 5.00 out of 5

    Mini green asparagus

    Discover all the delicacy and subtlety of green asparagus in this mini version!