• Pineapple cup

    To savour at any time of the day, these sweet and juicy pineapple cubes are a pure delight!
  • Pineapple punnet

    These pineapple sticks are juicy and packed with sugar, perfect for fruit-lovers on the go to simply eat with their fingers! Ready to eat as they are, they can also form the basis of a simple and tasty dessert. Note: one punnet contains the equivalent of a ...
  • Sliced fresh pineapple

    This sliced format is the ideal way to savour fresh pineapple, that can be adapted to all your needs, from the simplest of desserts (sliced pineapple with fresh ginger and lemon juice) to the most elaborate (classic pineapple cake!).
  • Sliced watermelon

    C’ZON offers you a delicious slice of watermelon, cut into chunks and ready to enjoy! The practical way to eat watermelon at last: no need for a huge knife to slice it and no need to empty you entire fridge to store it!
  • Tropical trio punnet

    Take your taste buds on a voyage with this punnet of exotic flavours: mango, fresh coconut and pineapple are harmoniously blended for a deliciously fragrant and sunny dessert!