Fancy a sweet fruity break?
You can savour a cup of fresh C’ZON fruit at any time of day, and enjoy a guilt-free treat!

  • Coconut cup

    Coconut is the ultimate fruit that we’d all prefer to have ready-peeled! Just imagine: a cup of fresh coconut cut into chunks and ready for you to enjoy… C’ZON has done the work for you! And you won’t even need a fork, you can eat i ...
  • Fruit salad cup

    What could be better than a small fresh fruit salad to refreshingly satisfy your sugar craving!
  • Fruit salad shaker

    Here’s the ideal salad for fruit lovers! Offered in shaker format with a fork included, this fresh fruit salad can be savoured anytime, anywhere, and is sure to satisfy even the largest appetites!
  • Mango cup

    Tasty and deliciously sweet, these mango cubes add a succulent sweet note to your meals on the go or breaks during the day.
  • Pineapple cup

    To savour at any time of the day, these sweet and juicy pineapple cubes are a pure delight!