• Bunch of large fresh onions

    Savour the delicate flavour of fresh onion with this bunch, the perfect addition to your sauteed dishes, stews, vegetable casseroles etc. The flavour is milder than that of a classic onion, so it’s perfect as a raw addition to your salads or a platte ...
  • Red spring onions

    These red spring onions are versatile and delicious! Fresh, crunchy and colourful, you can slip them into all your recipes for a sweet note when cooked or for a flavour closer to that of shallots when used raw.
  • Spring onions

    Simply fried in your wok, C’ZON spring onions can be prepared and served however you fancy: crunchy or meltingly tender, with a drizzle of soy sauce or olive oil… Wok cooking is so much easier with C’ZON fresh vegetables: enjoy all their ...
  • Twist Wok

    This recipe flavoured with lemongrass is softened by the inclusion of red and white cabbage: an exotic delight for the taste buds!