To make life easier for you, C’ZON offers a range of fresh veg organised by cooking method: select one of the categories to find out more!

  • Baby courgettes

    Tender baby courgettes, with a deep green colour indicating their freshness and superlative eating qualities!  The ultimate summer vegetable, courgettes are also extremely versatile, and with the C’ZON they are also practical and easy to cook! A bag ...
  • Bunch of large fresh onions

    Savour the delicate flavour of fresh onion with this bunch, the perfect addition to your sauteed dishes, stews, vegetable casseroles etc. The flavour is milder than that of a classic onion, so it’s perfect as a raw addition to your salads or a platte ...
  • Bunch of spring onions

    Spring onions have a milder flavour than classic white onions and are generally eaten raw. Similar in flavour to shallots, they are used mainly as a seasoning ingredient but can also be lightly pan fried, which brings out all their delicious sweet flavour.
  • Chantenay carrots

    Chantenay carrots are a small and tasty carrot variety that does not require peeling, and which is a great favourite with top chefs. It also makes an ideal handy snack at any time of the day!
  • Fresh shelled garden peas

    Fresh ready-to-eat garden peas, C’ZON has produced them for you! Enjoying youself couldn’t be simpler! With C’ZON it’s easy to cook fresh vegetables: thanks to our ‘Boiling water cooking’ range of vegetables you can enjo ...
  • Green asparagus bunch

    Savour the unmistakable flavour of green asparagus throughout the year. For lovers of fresh vegetables with good taste! With C’ZON, cooking vegetables is child’s play: the ‘Boiling water cooking’ range lets you treat yourself to fre ...
  • Jardiniere vegetable medley

    Savour the crunchy and tender textures of this “Jardiniere” medley of fresh vegetables by steam cooking: garden peas, snow peas and carrots accompanied by meltingly tender onions add up to a deliciously fragrant vegetable medley!
  • Loose asparagus

    This green asparagus is fresh and available all year round! Their freshness offers an incomparable flavour and they are easy to incorporate into your menus, adding a little touch of luxury that makes all the difference.