Sugar snaps

Sugar snaps are peas belonging to the mange tout family, i.e. a pea that is entirely edible, including the pea and the pod. It’s a vegetable that’s extremely easy to prepare, and its crunchy texture and sweet flavour appeal to young and old alike!

Sugar snaps.

To keep them nice and green, add a little sugar to the cooking water.

To ring the changes, savour your sugar snaps raw as nibbles or in a salad: you'll be amazed by their crunch and freshness!

Energy value for 100g of sugar snaps: 192 kJ / 45,2 Kcal

Proteins : 2.9 g

Carbohydrates: 8.4 g

Fats: 0.1 g

6 to 7 minutes in salted boiling water.

Présentés dans un format de 250g, éboutés et effilés, comme tous les produits C'ZON, les pois sucrés sont prêts à l’emploi !

On les rince, on les plonge dans l'eau bouillante salée 6 minutes environ, on égoutte bien et c'est prêt à déguster !


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