White asparagus tips

C’ZON white asparagus tips are completely hassle-free: no need to cut or peel them, simply rinse them in water and cook them to your liking to enjoy the mild and delicate flavour of young white asparagus. Steam cooked they reveal all their flavour, while at the same time retaining all their nutritional qualities, which are essential for a healthy diet. On their own or with other vegetables, our delicious white asparagus tips are so easy to cook!

White asparagus tips.
Move up to the next level with C'ZON's green and white asparagus bunches, available in the "fresh vegetable" aisle all year round!
Energy value for 100g of white asparagus: 25Kcal
Proteins: 2.2g
Carbohydrates: 3.5g
Fats: 0.2g
Steam for 8 mins for a "crunchy" texture or 12 mins for "tender".
Since the tips are the tenderest part of the asparagus, there is no need to peel them! But don’t forget to rinse them before cooking.


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